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I’m in my sixth decade of life. I’m trying to live well and hope to intrigue you with my two cents. I’m an ex-pastor and a current husband to one, dad to three, and a day-job that involves designing retirement plans for companies. I think I may have a few novel things to say—but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

“A gripping true story from beginning to end… It is intelligent, humorous at times, and overflowing with spiritual insights. One of the most thought provoking books I’ve every encountered.”

Cathy Byrd, author of The Boy Who Knew Too Much

“I’m not a believer and I’m not a father. So why do I like Guidroz’s book so much? Because Letters to My Son in Prison makes the grade as literature worthy of reading in depth. It’s raw, straight from the heart. No treacle for effect. Ken has laid his heart and soul on the table and done it with unflinching courage.”

David Booth, coauthor of Own the Room

Letters to My Son in Prison is the remarkable story of how I managed to reconnect with my son while he was in prison—and the unexpected role that letters played in that process.

It’s the story of how my wife and I navigated this very challenging time in different ways. But were still able to support each other.

It’s also the story of what we learned about parenting.


And it’s the story of how I reconnected with God after nearly losing my faith.

Riveting and refreshingly honest…this is not just another ‘addict gets sober’ narrative. Guidroz goes much deeper. Writing becomes his path to redemption. Eloquent and insightful, his writing moved me to tears and encouraged my soul.

Marilyn Kriete, author of The Box Must be Empty

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 Ken Guidroz

About Me

I never fancied myself a writer. I only put fingers to keyboard for a personal journal and a business book I wrote back in 2010.

But Lucas going to prison changed all that. Seeing how writing letters to each other changed us both made me a huge fan of the process.

As I’ve shared my story, an amazing thing happened: everyone started telling me about their own “son in prison.” For them, it might have been the devastating loss of a child, a bitter divorce, an embarrassing bankruptcy, or a miscarriage they were having a hard time getting over. Whatever it was, it thrilled them to hear me talk about recovering from loss.